Photographer Filmmaker
Denis Carbone
Liebste Kitty(Dearest Kitty)2016
Feature film (7:21 min)
Drama Fantasy Biography

Anne Frank lives hidden in fear in her small room. Through her mysterious girlfriend "Kitty", Anne begins to write her diary and gains more courage. Anne creates her own growing fantasy world, with which she can influence and shape her room.

Award-winning feature film starring Julia Maier in the lead.

Written, Directed, Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects and Music by: Denis Carbone

Awards & Screenings

· 67. Berlinale, February 2017 in Berlin

· Hessian Film and Cinema Prize 2016 Nomination in Germany

· 2018: School presentation at the Anne Frank School, in Kelkheim, Hesse

· 2016: Kassel Dokfest

· 2017: Nationwide cinema screenings

"Liebste Kitty" is available as an educational film for school classes:

Du, mein wilder Geist(You, My Wild Spirit)2016
Music Video (4:32 min)
music video fantasy surreal

A short film and music video for the special orchestral version of "You, My Wild Spirit" by the band Pathos Legal.

A mystical atmosphere in a haunted forest with a mysterious man in a mask.

Director, Cinematography, Vfx: Denis Carbone

The album, single and the orchestral version of "You, My Wild Spirit" are available here:

Music: Pathos Legal

With: Magdalena Yousef, Tobias Niggemann, Quynh-Anh Nguyen-Xuan, Gabi Schrepfermann, Mariam Städing, Lisa Marie Wichern, Lea-Christina Hengen.

Awards & Screenings

· Various festivals

· TV

Übrigens...(By the way...)2016
Short film (3:08 min)
Shortfilm Comedy Sex

Two best fake friends find out they've slept with each other's husbands

Written by, Directed by, Cinematography by: Denis Carbone

With: Anja Kimmelmann, Manuela Koschwitz

Schlaf, Klara, Schlaf(Sleep, Klara, Sleep)2016
Short (3:55 min)
Movie Drama Surreal

An eerie, nightly encounter. The mourning Luca (Anja Kimmelmann) is approached by a mysterious woman (Manuela Koschwitz) with an empty stroller, who seems to know all her secrets.

Script, Directing, Cinematographer, Composer: Denis Carbone

With: Anja Kimmelmann, Manuela Koschwitz

Keine Kunst(No Art)2015
Music-Video (3:31 min)
Music-video Fantasy Surreal

A colorful mix of characters almost frozen in time, tell various stories. A music video for the german electropop band Pathos Legal and their track "Kein Kunst" from the new album "Du, mein wilder Geist".

Director: Denis Carbone

Music: Pathos Legal

With: Pathos Legal, Andy & Andre, Angelo Fabio, Emanuel Prost, Lola Lametta, Nic, Jil und Mike, Rolf Buchholz, Samuel Prost, Simone Speckner.

Make-Up: Drazenka Kaestner

Awards & Screenings

· Various Festivals

· TV

Laser Head Explosion2012
Laserfilm (2:00 min)
Laser 360° Dome Stop-Motion

Hand-drawn light pictures. Stop-motion long-exposure photography with special lasers move faster and faster and lead into a unique world that consists of visible thought-flashes.

Painted photos made with an elaborate and special invented process with powerful lasers in motion lead into an abstract journey through a unique new world

Producer, Director, Cinematography, Music: Denis Carbone

With: Hendrik Wieck, Frank Weidner, Alejandro Garri, Anne Palmer, Iris Carbone, Huu-Thien Nguyen.

Awards & Screenings

· 2017: GaiaNova 360 Theatre, 8. Juli 2017 in London

· 2015: Einsfestival, "frischfilm" 28 march 2015

· 2015: HR, "frischfilm" 26. march 2015

· 2015: Geneva International Film Festival Tous Écrans, november 2015 in Genf

· 2014: Fulldome BR, 20. November 2014 in Brazil

· 2013: Biennale B3 in Frankfurt, Germany

· 2013: Kaluga Media Arts Festival, Russia.

· 2012: FULLDOME UK 2012 in Leicester. (Among the finalists)

· 2012: Orchestra concert "Music for silent films" at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt

· 2012: 1. Festival for Spatial Media in Kiel (1st place)

· 2012: One Minute Festival in Switzerland

· 2012: Fulldome Festival in Jena. (Among the finalists)

Zimtschnecken(Cinnamon Rolls)2018
Advertising (0:40min)
Advertising Commercial Advertisement

Blue Cinnamon Rolls.

Classic film and photo shooting with unusually decorated cinnamon rolls in blue and gold.

Directed by/Idea/Production/Cinematographer/Music: Denis Carbone

Click here to watch

Monster's Hostage2013
Short (2:30)
Kurzfilm 3D Stand-Bilder

Frozen images tell the story of a woman who wants to escape her monster.

"Monster's Hostage" was created from individual photographs that were projected onto objects modeled in a three-dimensional environment (camera mapping) and animated with a virtual camera.

Directed by, Cinematography by, Music by: Denis Carbone

With: Salma G. Zaki

Awards & Screenings

· 2015: Hessischer Rundunk, 26. Juni

· Various Festivals

Corporate Video (6:08 min)
Corporateo Yoga Advertising

Corporate Film for the Kundalini Yoga Center in Frankfurt.

Directed by: Denis Carbone

With: Adrian Gillmann, Anja Meherpreet Kaur Kimmelmann, Awa Sat Sarbat Boron, Carolin Sat Sangat Heuring, Esther Dharam Jivan Kaur, Florian Satjeet Singh Stamm, Hille Thoma, Janina Bäder, Michaela Conrad, Matthias Langer, Shamrang Singh, Sangeet Singh,

The face I wear2013
FullDome Film (2:46 min)
FullDome 3D 360°

Every day we put on different masks. Hundreds of masks fly 360° around the viewer in this film, creating a tunnel that leads into the inner mind of an illusory world.

Directed by /Animated by/ Music by: Denis Carbone

Awards & Screenings

· 2015: B3 Biennale 07.-11. October 2015 in Frankfurt · 2013: FULLDOME Festival in Jena

· Various FullDome Festivals

Musicvideo (5:15 min)
music-video Laserfilm Stop-Motion

The official music video for Moses Pelham from his album "Geteiltes Leid III".

Hand-painted laser images drawn in long-exposures stop-motion using special lasers.

Directed by: Denis Carbone

Music by: Moses Pelham

With: Moses Pelham, Hendrik Wieck, Frank Weidner, Alejandro Garri, Anne Palmer, Iris Carbone, Huu-Thien Nguyen.

Awards & Screenings

· 2014: Mash Festival in Rome. (Winner)

· Various Music festivals

· TV

Rauchen kann tödlich sein(Smoking can be deadly)2012
Satire (1:12 min)
Ad Satire Short film

Anti-smoking campaign for schools in Germany. Funded by the Leo Club Offenbach Sophie van La Roche, the German Heart Foundation, Friends of the HfG, Lions Club Germany.

The famous Marlboro man rides his horse through the countryside. Unfortunately, he is too careless while getting his cigarettes out, which ends in a fatal accident.

Director/Composer: Denis Carbone

Cowboy: Christoph Stein

Awards & Screenings

· 2012: Audience Award Videonale in Berlin

· 2010: 1. Leo Shortfilm festival in Offenbach

Satire (3:06 min)
Short-Film criticism campaign

Anti-smoking campaign for schools in Germany. Funded by the Leo Club Offenbach Sophie van La Roche, the German Heart Foundation, Friends of the HfG, Lions Club Germany.

Silvia is 12 years old and smokes. We experience her inner emotional world is personified and fights for Silvia's health.

Director/Composer: Denis Carbone

With: Hannah Heidenreich, Salma Gabriel, Wolfgang Glastetter, Jennifer Hempel, Jessica Klauss, Birgit Reibel, Marius Schneider, Jörg Harald Werron.

Awards & Screenings

· 2010: 1. Leo Shortfilm festival in Offenbach

Short (6:38 min)
Short Sci-fi Drama

Sci-fi movie about a first internet date, where both dates turn out to be fakers, who want to mug each other. But then everything changes as a mysterious power outlet in the forest swaps their bodies.

Director/Editing/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Jonathan Doyle, Mandy Müller.

Awards & Screenings

· 2011: Tongji Festival in Shanghai

Eu te Amo2011
Short (17:53 min)
Shortfilm Love Sci-fi

Time travel film about Luca (Anja Kimmelmann), who travels through time observing herself in search of her lost love.

Director/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Anja Kimmelmann, Nadine Petry, Hannah Gudrich.

Awards & Screenings

· 2011: Shanghai Tongji Festival

Short(3:15 min)
Short film Experimental One-Take

An experimental short film about infidelity and with a surprising twist.

Director/Sound Design: Denis Carbone

With: Dina-Maureen Hellwig

Max Mustermann(John Doe)2010
Short (24:12 min)
Short-movie Satire Weird

John Doe (Christoph Stein) lives a boring life. When he meets a woman who pretends to be Jane Doe, John decides to live his life properly.

Director/Cinematography/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Christoph Stein, Dina-Maureen Hellwig, Jonathan Doyle, Frederike Ott, Michael Metz, Vicky Carbone, Renate Steidle.

Awards & Screenings

· Various filmfestivals

Trailer (0:40 min)
Ad Love Trailer

Trailer about gender-blind love.

Director/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Christoph Stein, Umberto de Bernardo, Patrick Fritsche, Oliver Giegold, Dina-Maureen Hellwig, Bastian Korff, Wolfgang Steinborn, Svenja Stobbe, Vladislava Zvonkova.

Awards & Screenings

· Trailer for the Homonale filmfestival 2005-2008

Short (3:35 min)
Short brutal drama

As Tom (Raul Semmler) wakes up in the morning, he finds out his ex-girlfriend (Frederike Ott) has used superglue to glue his eyes and mouth shut.

Director/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Frederike Ott, Raul Semmler.

Awards & Screenings

· 2008: Studio Ship in Frankfurt

Die Prinzessin(The princess)2008
Cartoon (0:35 min)
Animation Cartoon funny

Trash animation, about a prince who gets a nasty surprise in search of his princess.

Director/Animator/Music: Denis Carbone

Awards & Screenings

· 2009: Zwergwerk Festival in Oldenburg

Alles Liebe(Everything Love)2007
Shorts (12:10 min)
Shorts Love anthology

An anthology of 5 short films focusing on love.

1. "Announcement": Beate wants to be a television presenter and practices fictitious texts at home.

2. "First Love": A boy tries to impress a girl. 70 years later they are still together

3. "Hatelove": An experimental short film that shows the brutal boundaries of hatred and love.

4. "Hello Love": An improvisational film with a cloned woman that philosophizes about bitter love while breaking the 4th wall.

5. "LOVE": Introtrailer in a whiteroom.

Director/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Christoph Stein, Umberto de Bernardo, Patrick Fritsche, Oliver Giegold, Dina-Maureen Hellwig, Bastian Korff, Wolfgang Steinborn, Svenja Stobbe, Vladislava Zvonkova, Cia Torun, Tugba Önder, Renate Steidle, Marlon Diehl, Alexander Lidberg, Helena Lentz, Silvia Lentz, Julia Lentz, Anton Lentz, Herbert Schönhaar, Edda Schönhaar.

Awards & Screenings

· 2007: Visionale Frankfurt

Just an Apple2006
Short film (8:38 min)
Short film Fantasy Comedy

A lonely apple on a kitchen table falls in love with the pretty curves of another apple. But only he knows what terrible fate awaits the two apples.

A humorous short with a surprising ending.

Director/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Leonie Kolb, Vicky Carbone, Sophia Oppong, Florian Faust, Denis Carbone.

Awards & Screenings

· 2006: Visionale Frankfurt (2nd place)

· 2006: Independent Days in Karlsruhe

Seine Identität(His Identity)2004
Feature film (24:00 min)
feature Sci-fi Drama

A psychological film about the inner struggle of a man who discovers his transsexuality.

Director/Music: Denis Carbone

With: Jasmina Causevic, Denis Carbone.

Awards & Screenings

· Filmfestival Visionale 2004

Hektik in Frankfurt2003
Music Video
Dokumentary Frankfurt city portrait

Documentary about the rush and hectic in Frankfurt.

Directed by: Denis Carbone

Awards & Screenings

· Filmfestival Visionale 2003

Satire Advertising Comedy

Satirical advertisement about the consequences of the obession with beauty.

Director: Denis Carbone

With: Liisa Stoll

Awards & Screenings

· Filmfestival Visionale 2002

Horror Drama Tragedy

1984: The birth of Denis Carbone in Paris, France.

With: Denis Carbone