Skytrees in Singapore

Skytrees in Singapore

These are the infamous natural Skytrees of Singapore. They were first discovered in 1789 by the thai immigrant and paranormal scientist Kok Poh. Back then some Skytrees even grew up to be more than 350 meters high. (Higher than the Eiffel tower!)
Kok Poh not only spotted the giant trees first, but also fought the government of Malasia until her death in 1850, to not have them petrified. Obviously Kok Poh lost the fight, but thanks the the petrification process we can enjoy the view of the Skytrees and they shall remain in our hearts forever.

Fujian Tulou

These buildings in China are a UNESCO World Heritage, since they are up 700 years old and still habited by the Hakka people.

I took this panorama of 12 photos on my last travel to China.

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